Diagram of all of the inputs and outputs of the Friends of Haiti Community and Learning Centre
Scholarly Pursuits Preparing Food for the Community Planting in Asylum & School Supply to Community Community Hygiene

Scholarly Pursuits

There is no doubt, if you have visited Haiti and worked among people that you come away knowing they are a grateful people. They are specifically grateful to be able to go to school and learn. Friends of Haiti builds community alongside one another in our quest of scholarly pursuits, personal development and in serving one another. Collectively we share our time, talent, and treasure.

Preparing Food for the Community

Since 2017, our time spent preparing, delivering meals, and visiting with the locals has been invaluable and a testament to the community that we care about them. Now school aged children will be part of this process.

Planting in Asylum & School

Part of the children’s curriculum to learn how to plant gardens while also in service to the community.

Supply to Community

Children will be learning the ways and means of providing clean water. We are currently raising funds to assist the village in providing clean water through solar energy.

Community Hygiene

 Learning the essential basics of oral hygiene will be encouraged and taught in the school curriculum. Emergency dental needs and dental cleanings will also be cared for.