Build Haiti

Every individual has a need for community in their life. Friends of Haiti builds community alongside one another in pursuit of personal development and in serving one another. Collectively, we share our time, talent, and treasure.

Encourage & Empower

Encouraging and believing in one another is one of the greatest relational gifts you can give.  2013 was the year that seeds started to be planted, and hearts were opened to the potential of what could be. By 2017, our new Haitian relationships started to be approached with great possibilities moving forward, partnerships were formed, and every relationship was seized with intentionality. Our hearts became committed to the building of people so they could pursue their greatest dreams, not only for their own personal gain, but for the benefit of those around them. Together, we build community.

Domino: everyone involved is committed to seeing the best and doing their best for one another. Repeat.


Friends of Haiti
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