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So They Can Build People

A Community will never be developed by everyone standing still and only fending for themselves. Everyone’s hard work and contribution to their own community motivates one another.  Witnessing another person’s hard work and commitment to the betterment of the community, will instill a motivated heart in others to participate.

Meet Johanne

Johanne is only one example of many who are working in the community who is doing their best, and sharing their best, to build their community. 

A young lady that we met in 2015, who was 20 years old with no ability to provide for herself or able to complete high school. After being encouraged, believed in, and financially provided for, she successfully completed high school. She then attended school in the Dominican Republic to learn Spanish, and is currently completing her University education to become a Dentist. Since 2018, Johanne has returned home to Haiti, during her Christmas breaks, to host Dental Clinics in the village.

Keep reading throughout the website. Johanne is only one of many that we walk along side of, that is sharing her time, talent, and treasure to build others.

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Domino: When you make a shift in your community by activating a sharing mindset…

then repeat.