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We provide advice, instruction, and care with our mobile clinics. Also, good dental hygiene promoting consistency is an ongoing commitment to dental health in the community. Friends of Haiti also contributes to those who cannot afford for their emergency medical needs whether in the hospital, the village, or the local Community Living Centre (called the Asylum in Haiti).

Hospital Visits / Prescriptions

In Haiti, medical/health needs are prevalent and although the demand is vast, Friends Of Haiti is active in caring for emergency needs such as medical prescriptions, hospital emergency visits, and hygiene packs for the hospital or community where needed.

Once you are admitted to a hospital in Haiti you need to provide for your own medical needs. It is a common occurrence in Haiti that you may be in a hospital but not receiving any treatment until you have filled your prescription. Likewise, if you are ready to be discharged to go home from the hospital, you won’t be allowed until your bill is paid.

Dental Clinic / Emergency Dental

Dental hygiene is an important aspect of ones health. Johanne, her Dental Associates, and the Friends of Haiti Team manage a yearly dental cleaning clinic in the village.  Children involved in the school programs have regular dental care and good hygiene promoted in the programing. Daily hygiene is encouraged while in school to guarantee that every student has a toothbrush and is participating in their oral care. 

Domino: Exhibiting of a good mindset, habits, and behaviour. Subsequently it leads to another successful action… Repeat.


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