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Feed Haiti

It is important for us as we build relationships within the village to meet the important need of the lack of food. Our time spent preparing, delivering meals, and visiting with the locals has been invaluable and a testament to the community that we care about them. Christmas and Easter are typical times of the year that we distribute food through out all of the village. After two long days of cooking, Friends of Haiti are able to serve over 2,000 meals in the local community.

On a daily basis, children that attend the school always share a portion of their lunch meal to distribute to a few individuals in their community who are in need. 

Pictures will tell a better story.

Preparation of Food

Preparing food in Haiti is certainly a daunting task to a Canadian that is used to a stove and quick prep! But it is a regular occurrence for Haitians, and they prepare their meals flawlessly.

In the wee hours of the morning, after a couple full days of shopping to find the goods needed, preparation begins. Friends of Haiti are setting out to prepare, in most instances, at least 2000-2500 meals.  This in itself will take 2 days to accomplish.  

Over a coal burning fire, in a backyard kitchen, a community comes together to care for one another. 

‘Food Share’ in the Village

As we toured Petit Goave in hopes of finding a community we could love, we came upon a region that we all knew we would call “home”.  From that first day in 2017, we have befriended one another, cared for, encouraged and empowered.  We believe that together we can accomplish great things and that we are all part of the solution. #NoOneGreaterNoOneSmaller

Our hearts are full as a Friends of Haiti team as we watch the village volunteers distribute food to one  another.  After a long few days of preparation, the end result is the bringing together of a community to meet the most basic need.

This is where we build one another and strive to do our best while encouraging others to give freely of their best.


‘Food Share’ at the Prisons

A feeding program at the local area prisons is one of the Friends of Haiti initiatives. Whether it is the young boys, women or men’s prison, we reach out as a sign of encouragement to them that we care.

Domino: Striving for your best, giving freely of your best, and encouraging others to do the same. Repeat.