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Career & Community

“When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” -Matt Hogan

Everyone has something to contribute.

Large or small, everyone has gifts of value and when shared together in a community, an opportunity
for foundational transformation takes place.

Friends of Haiti’s story is best told through a few examples of those who are leaders as well as community members who share of themselves for the betterment of others.

Meet Ronald:

Ronald, known as our right hand man or a jack of all trades. He has a huge desire to love his country and see change emerge. He is invaluable when it comes to our travel to Haiti, his expertise of the culture, his common sense approach to safety, locating goods, and accounting.

“Talking about Friends Of Haiti is a pleasure to me. I have been involved with them in every activity since 2017. I remember the day when we sat and talked and our ideas were almost the same. We were excited about the domino effect. My prayer and dream is to see Friends Of Haiti become a great organization.” – Ronald, 2021

Sponsored Community Members:

Meet Johanne:

As previously mentioned, Johanne is currently attending University to be a Dentist. She returns to Haiti annually to provide Dental clinics in the village. #GiveBack

“I can say that I am a future Dentist because of Friends of Haiti. These people have changed my life and have helped me to secure a future. I thank God for putting them in my life and now I am no longer ashamed to speak. Now I can testify that even me, a poor orphan lady, will receive a diploma. I look forward to continuing to share my skills with others.”      – Johanne, 2021.

Meet Alexandre:

Having a skill in Haiti, like any other country, enables more success in finding employment. Alexandre has completed Heavy Equipment school and is now a certified operator. On his free time, he enjoys volunteering at the school and visiting families in the community.

“I am proud and honored to be able to thank Friends of Haiti for helping me accomplish my goal of being a heavy equipment operator. I am happy to serve others in my community in any way I am able to and whenever they need me. Thank you for your involvement and friendship in my life since 2017.” – Alexandre, 2021

Meet Frandyna:

Frandyna has been sponsored through school since 2014 and is currently in her final year of high school. She has aspirations of being a nurse and spends her spare time volunteering with Friends of Haiti activities.

Meet Kervenson:

We met Kervenson in 2017, when we were introduced to the community that we were to work in. After playing soccer with the community children, we asked for a show of hands of any kids that did not attend school. Kervenson was one of those children. As angry as he was at the time, his whole disposition changed when he was given opportunity to learn. Kervenson now attends the Friends of Haiti Community Centre School and enjoys being involved with the other kids in the Community Programs. Today he, as well as his family, love to contribute to Friends of Haiti.

Meet Edith:

We met Edith in 2017 and she was living in extreme poverty. We were able to move her close to her sister (Johanne), enroll her in school, where she would later acquire her diploma in hair dressing. Edith also volunteered her time in providing a reading program for young children and participated in the distribution of food in her community.

Domino: Commitment, consistency, repeat.