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Creating The Domino Effect

We believe: We were not gifted by God just for our own benefit. -We were gifted with time, talent, and treasures to build others. We are Friends of Haiti, and we serve each other so we can build people and then encourage them to do the same. So, they can build people, and so they can build people. The domino effect.

Our Story

Seeds. They were dropped into our hearts in varying amounts one Sunday morning in a local church in 2013. What sprouted from that would be the start of a journey in 2014 to the country of Haiti that would last for 3 years. What took place was remarkable. Yearly, we would be transformed by our differing experiences as we witnessed the hearts and lives of the people of Haiti.

There was reason to celebrate and the year was 2017! It was July. Who decides to go to Haiti in July??? Two of us did. A young lady who we sponsored had penetrated our hearts a few years before and she was graduating. Her name was Johanne and we were her cheering squad. Proud of all she had overcome and accomplished, we were there to celebrate with her and to help her make decisions for her future.

What happened while we were there was unexpected. Haiti had become a special place to us but on this trip we would sit for hours and listen to the hearts of 2, Ronald and Manouchcka. We had been friends since 2014 but it wasn’t until this trip that we really got to hear of their dreams and aspirations. They had high hopes for their country, for its future, and how they personally wanted to commit to be part of it.

We heard them clearly that trip and through many discussions we all began to see that in every difficulty their was lying an opportunity. It was on that trip that we dedicated ourselves to standing beside them, to encourage them, and help them in any way we could. Together, we formed “Friends of Haiti” and the concept of being a DOMINO in each others life, and to those around us. We understood our relationship was based on mutual respect, building each other up, our love for the Haitian people, giving that love away to others, and then repeating it all over again. The plan that we were all to be part of was unfolding in front of our eyes, and the previous years of being involved in Haiti was part of our training ground.

A few months later, one of us would return to Haiti to assist in finding a community where our journey would continue. Together, we committed to build each other so we could build community and others could also.

Dominos…One person’s willingness to positively affect another’s life and then encourage them to do the same. Repeat.

So much has happened since that year. This website, our blogging on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, tells of the amazing journey.

Yet, something greater still. Each of our personal experiences in Haiti, and being part of this team, has a story that only we as individuals can tell…..and that is our “WHY”. So please, don’t hesitate to ask anyone of us (  Join us, as you delve into our journey on the pages of this website.

The Friends of Haiti Team:   Ronald, Kevin, Liz M, Wayne, Brooke, Manouchcka, Nikki, Karen, Myrna, Liz W, Cheryl

Our Vision

  • As a team we are committed to the building of the Haitian people so they could pursue their greatest dreams, not only for their personal gain, but for the benefit of those around them. We build people so together we can build community. 

  • As people are encouraged to believe in themselves and see that everyone has a purpose, they begin to realize how valuable they are and can also begin to see value in those around them.

  • As a team and Haitian community, we stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, not front to back. We are all equal.

  • Whether large or small, everyone within the community has gifts of value. When shared and respected among one another, a stronger community is built. 

  • The focus of our education program is to help Haitians discover their natural skill set or learn something new, all while contributing to their community. 

  • As we implement programs and people within the community participate, their confidence builds, and a stronger community emerges.

“Dominos…One person’s willingness to positively affect another’s life and then encourage them to do the same. Repeat.”